Away We Go…Again!


And away we go! Today, for the second morning in a row, we loaded our bags, our bikes and our sleepy selves into a taxi and said good-bye to Portland. It had rained last night, and the damp streets and melancholy sky suited our mellowed anticipation for the journey ahead. But while yesterday’s six-hour delay-turned-cancellation had softened our enthusiasm for the trans-Atlantic flight, once the engines roared to life and the runway began to drop away beneath us, Rachael and I shared a giddy smile. We were on our way!


4 Responses to “Away We Go…Again!”

  1. Welcome fellow “vrienden op de fiets!” I am living in the Netherlands for a year working in Den Haag, but living in Leiden (coming from the Bay Area). Leiden is a beautiful “mini-Amsterdam” about 20 minutes south of the Airport by train, and I’m sure you’ll pass by it as you make your way south. Shoot me an e-mail if you do. I’m commuting about 9 miles to work every (sunny) morning along a canal-, farm-, and windmill-lined bike path. It’s a great way to start the day. If you have time, look into Vrienden op de Fiets ( It’s a Dutch organization that pairs cyclists on the road with cyclists at home who can host them. Happy biking!

  2. alexhamlin Says:

    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for the invitation, and for the link to Vrienden op de Fiets; just another example of the amazing community built up here around cycling (and another word to add to my quickly expanding Dutch vocabulary). We may see if we can take advantage of it for one of the few nights that we don’t have housing lined up for yet. We passed just south of you today on our way to Den Hauge, but are jealous for your commute. After just a couple days riding along the canals, my commute down Portland’s bike lanes just won’t be the same. We’re very jealous; enjoy it!


  3. 1. Hi Alex,
    so cool that you guys are checking out Holland. My girlfriend and I live in Amsterdam and we visisted Portland in feb 09 and were very impressed with the biking scene in Portland.
    Lots of fixies…love those and I finally will have one myself. Inspired by what I saw in Portland . Hope you will be inspired as well by what you will encounter in Holland.
    If you would like to meet up and me showing you Amsterdam and some of my favorite rides do not hesitate to contact me at ;
    Good riding..hope you are lucky with the weather


  4. Have fun, Alex! I will be following your blog as you journey!

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