You’ve Got to Have Vocab…

Picture 20While most of the Dutch speak excellent English, part of the fun in moving around a foreign country is picking up a little of the language—and laughing off the embarrassment of inevitable mispronunciations. Fortunately Rachael is nearly fluent, and has been teaching me as we spin along the bikepaths. With that in mind, here are a few words (and about the full extent of my vocabulary) that anyone interested in cycling through The Netherlands needs to know:

Fiets: Bike
Fietspad: Bikepath
Landelijke Fietsroute: Regional Bike Route
Links-af: Left Turn
Rechts-af: Right Turn
Recht door: Straight on
Uitgezonderd: Except (often shown below Do Not Enter sings, paired with a picture of a bike to indicate that bikes are allowed to go the ‘wrong way’.
Pas Op: Watch Out! (Warning signs)
Drempels: Speed Bumps
Windmolen: Windmill
Konijntje!: Rabbit! (not on signs, but more useful as a warning than you might imagine.)


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  1. Het incassobureau dat werkt!…

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