One Minute in Holland

Things are denser here. Every three or five kilometers, we pass through a small village with narrow streets, bridges, and a canal or five. It’s hard to make good time when every few minutes there’s a new distraction: a beautiful church, a central square filled with cafes, a spot to sit by the river. We just have to sit back, keep pedaling, and enjoy the view from the handlebars. So here it is, your moment of zen:


5 Responses to “One Minute in Holland”

  1. Kate Shaw Says:

    I love the videos so far. Who was the guy that you were chasing down?

    The blog reading every day has been super fun. Miss you guys!!!!


  2. Nice! Looks like the handlebar mount + fisheye is a good combination.

    Hope you’re both doing well!

  3. Great posts thus far, looks like it’s been a great trip! I like the Beth Orton pairing with this video, too… Hope life in the saddle is good-

  4. Liesbeth Says:

    What a wonderful trip you are having. Tess and I are flying to Amsterdam tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you too. We love to bicycle with you from Haarlem to A’dam op Zaterdag. Eens kijken hoe we dat regelen. Which village is on the last video?
    Liefs Liesbeth

  5. Seakle de Vries Says:

    Hi Alex and Rachael,

    It was great having you over in Almelo after your 76 mile stretch. Hats-off for the accomplishment !
    Enjoy the northern part of the Netherlands, and -as you noticed- be careful with using the word “Holland” for “the Netherlands around some of the relatives from Limburg. You may hit a nerve. 😉

    Francisca and Seakle

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